This is a new one. It’s aimed at those who are at the top of their game and want to rebrand from head to toe. We go deep. Really deep. You can bring your VA/OBM/relevent team along and we go hard. Everything is delivered within that 48 hours. Our brains may melt, but by heck, it will be worth it.

Duration: 2 days 1:1 in person, on location, at a hotel or AirBnB that suits our needs.

You get:

A half day brand strategy, brand mapping and brand clarity coaching session

Your primary logo and visual brand toolkit, including colours, fonts and brand guide

Up to twelve sub-brands (such as groups, products or services)

Branding for all your social channels

Main brand post templates, plus post templates for up to five groups/programmes

Thumbnail templates

Podcast cover art and episode promo post templates

Slide templates

Training in how to use all of the above

Cost: from £5000 + VAT, depending on the location.

Brand Management and ongoing brand support services are still going to be a thing for those who want them, but they are all bespoke. If you want me in your brand, making sure you’re always on point, all of the time, reach out and we can talk.

And then of course, there’s Brand Masters, my 12 week brand coaching & mentoring programme. The next cohort will kick off in January. Nothing is changing there, other than finer details of how my Brand Masters get access to me for design work.

However if you want to work with me sooner than January AND still want to be able to scoop a session with me for £995 + VAT then do holler. There are five sessions left this year and they will be the last ones at this rate.