When you think about your brand, how do you feel?

Are you overflowing with excitement?

Do you know what all your offers are and how they fit together deliciously?

Does everything you do look hot as balls? Does it speak to your audience in a visual language that they understand on the most instinctive of levels and that has them falling over themselves to connect with you and work with you?


If the answer to those questions wasn’t yes, would you like it to be?

Because that’s exactly what you get when you get branded by me.


I’m G. I have been in branding for 25 years and have been specialising in the online entrepreneurial space for the last decade. I have designed hundreds of visual brands for individuals and organisations in multiple sectors across the globe and every single one has been created collaboratively.

That means we do it together.

It is very easy to overthink and overcomplicate the branding process, especially in the online space where we need our visual brands to be powerful and effective, to communicate who we are and how it will feel to work with us. They have to thoroughly engage, but they also need to be simple to use and to coherently apply across different platforms, often by multiple team members.

You know your business. You are the expert in what you do, for whom and how. Converting that insider knowledge into a simple yet powerful visual language for your brand can feel like a challenge when you’re inside it.

That’s where I come in.

In one session I work with you to understand everything your brand is and can be. We map everything out, we get total brand – and business – clarity, and then I take what I have learned from you… about your energy and vibe… your inspirations and your marketplace… and right then and there we bring out the visual language that communicates all of it and we make it real.

In one session.

Thank you!

I’m so in love with my brand! It feels so perfect – G captured everything about my work and me sooooo perfectly. Thank you!

The bindrune G created is a fabulous part of my new branding. It’s a bindrune made of everything that Money Alchemy is.

  • The ‘cup’ at the top is the vessel of abundance and overflow
  • The ‘ . ‘ is the connection to the Universe
  • The ‘wings’ represent growth
  • The ‘arrows’ represent money coming in from all directions
  • The rune ‘fehu’ is also there, meaning abundance and money
  • The ‘o’ is the centre – you and me
  • Then there’s the healing rune ‘berkana’ because Money Alchemy is about healing so you can attract and hold abundance
  • Then the ‘ . ‘ at the bottom represents the Earth.

Money as we know it is of this Earth. It connects us to energy in such a magic way. G designed this bindrune to represent my gorgeous business AND me. My partner is so impressed he said it needs to go on the wall!

Eloise Burton

The Money Alchemist

G meets you where you are, and guides you through a journey where the destination is the brand and business that is uniquely perfect for you.

Leah Leaves

ADHD Advocate & Mentor

Working with G has been a complete revelation. I am not very creative, my brain is not wired that way. So I came into the meeting ill-prepared for what we needed to do! G was calm, patient, understanding and so helpful. G created my brand for my various business areas, and gave my existing brand a spruce up. All I can say, painless and brilliant and I now have wonderful branding to work with. Cannot recommend G highly enough.

Kim Deere

Bookkeeping Coach

Working with G has not only given me some kick-ass branding but also so much branding acumen. I got so much more than I expected!

Helen Davies

Practical Wisdom / Parent Thrive


We start with a call.

We are going to be working closely together so we need to make sure that we click, and I need to prepare you for what is to come.

There is then a little prep work. You need to show me what you love visually. This is what we take our inspiration from.

Then we have our half day together.

We map out your brand – your brand story – and the journey each of your clients may take through it.

Then we create the visual language to tell that story.

We build the visual structure that enables your clients to easily make sense of what you offer.

We take everything you bring to the table and we turn it into a set of graphics, images, colours and templates that communicates who you are and what you do for your audience.

In one session we create it all.

So, what will you get?

It’s different for everyone, but in a nutshell, you get everything you need to launch your visual brand. You get all of the assets, plus training right there on the spot in how to use them, you get a brand guide for ongoing reference and you get initial starter templates in Canva so you can crack on right away.

A typical set of assets includes:

Four hours of intenstive, 1:1 brand planning and design

Brand mapping and brand story conversation

Your primary logo and visual brand toolkit, including colours, fonts and brand guide

Up to three sub-brands (such as groups, products or services)

Branding for up to 3 social channels

Social post Canva templates

Brochure Canva template

We rebrand you from the inside out. All of you.

We do it quickly.

You come out of it looking hotter than you ever have before, in all of the ways.

And you have everything you need to run with, right away. No more procrastination, no more not knowing what image to create for each post, no more worrying about whether you’ll be taken seriously because you just don’t look the part… Because now you do.

Are you ready?

Let’s talk.

So, how much does it cost to have one of these magical whirlwinds of collaborative brand creation with G?

One-off payment


(Inc. VAT)

3 monthly payments

£535 per month

(Inc. VAT)

That’s for G’s brain, pulling out all the branding magic that is hiding away in yours…

Plus all of your visual assets…

Plus a brand guide…

Plus templates and training in how to use them…

Plus delivery, right there, on the day so you can hit the ground and implement your new brand instantly.

Bit of a no-brainer, eh?

Since working with G I have become so much more clear on what it is I offer. They have rebranded by business and the feedback has been amazing.

No one knew what I was actually doing before but now my branding says it all. I am being recognized as a brand and not just some random posts on FB.

I would have never had the guts to even start now without the support of G.

Juli Colotti


I was blown away watching G at work.

G (short for Genius) managed to capture and create visual elements that were really meaningful to me with unwavering passion, talent and creativity.

There was definite magic happening here. If you get the chance to work with G, do it!

I absolutely love my brand visuals – thank you so much G!

Kelly Devlin

Mistress of Mindset

I decided to work with G to help me get my head around how to market myself, and to get some new branding to go with my new business direction. What I was struggling most with was a lack of clarity. I could see what I was aiming towards in my head, but the picture was still too fuzzy to articulate to others.

G helped me shave the fluff off my vision so it became an actual tangible thing! With a gorgeous new brand to boot.

Rachel Jones

The Execution Expert