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Why G?

Because when it comes to branding, I know my stuff. With over two decades in the industry, a degree, a chunk of teaching experience and close to 500 brands designed since I set up independently, you’d damn well hope so.

But that’s not why people love working with me (though all of it helps).

Why people love working with me is because I see them.  I’m a big old queer and an autistic one at that – both things that have seen me left out in the cold before. I know what it’s like to feel invisible. So I know how much being seen for who you really are matters. It really, really matters. And that’s what I do.

When you work with me, everything we do is about you. It’s about who you are, why what you do matters, who you serve and why you are utterly brilliant at it. We take all of that and weave it into a visual brand that is all you. We make you seen. And we make you seen exactly the way you want to be.

What Some Of My Clients Say

G’s got this weird but beautiful sixth sense that works at a ridiculous lightening speed to get to the heart of who you are and the best way to convey that to the world.
Gemma Ray

I feel like I’ve given birth – in a very exhilarating way!

G totally nailed it.

I’m absolutely delighted.

Maria McHale

It doesn’t happen often that I have no words but I have no words for what was just created for my business. I needed something wild, bold and different and G delivered.

Kate Schell

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A serious aficionado of all things rude and NSFW, she can twist the most innocent of professional content into tales that have you spitting your coffee out over your laptop.

Once a week she sends glorious filth from my box to yours, filling you in on all the most recent goings-on here on Planet G with a solid dose of dark and twisted humour to keep you on your toes.



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