Tell me if this sounds like you…


You’re doing pretty well. You have an established audience, your offers are selling and your business is growing.

You’ve got multiple products and offers, maybe a membership (or several), perhaps a podcast, or a youtube channel, or both.

You’ve got a team. That might be one VA or it might be a small army of awesome peeps who all play their part in making your world work, but your business world is no longer just you.

It’s all looking damn rosy…

Except you’ve outgrown the brand you use to be. Your visuals no longer resonate. And when you create new things they just don’t feel like ‘you’ any more because you’re trying to squeeze them into something that you’ve grown out of.

If you have been nodding along to even a bit of this, then please do read on.

Because we can fix it.

And we can fix it one session.

(This is where I get my little shimmy on, because I’m already excited to tell you what comes next…)

But first, I’m going to let Anne Ferguson tell you about her Comprehensive Brand Experience.

“Working with G was like no other brand creation process I’ve ever experienced. The way they think and create on the fly blew my mind. They brought my brand to life in ways I didn’t know I needed and absolutely adore.

I went into the new brand identity process knowing that I’d get new visuals. What I wasn’t expecting was the massive energy boost and creative explosion I’d feel in every area of my business, all prompted by having a brand that FINALLY looks how it feels to work with me: bright, colourful, surprising, textured and deep.

To say I love my new branding is a massive understatement. It’s given my business a new life, and I CANNOT WAIT to roll out the new podcast and programmes that I’ve kicked off since doing my branding with G.

I unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend G to anyone who’ll stand still long enough to listen. Their work is glorious, their process exactly perfect for my neurodiverse brain — in and out and done in a day… sweet relief — and I’d want to do it again already if I didn’t love my branding so much!”


I’m G. I have been in branding for 25 years and have been specialising in the online entrepreneurial space for the last decade. I have designed hundreds of visual brands for individuals and organisations in multiple sectors across the globe and every single one has been created collaboratively.

That means we do it together.

It is very easy to overthink and overcomplicate the branding process, especially in the online space where we need our visual brands to be powerful and effective, to communicate who we are and how it will feel to work with us. They have to thoroughly engage, but they also need to be simple to use and to coherently apply across different platforms, often by multiple team members.

You know your business. You are the expert in what you do, for whom and how. Converting that insider knowledge into a simple yet powerful visual language for your brand can feel like a challenge when you’re inside it.

That’s where I come in.

In one session I work with you to understand everything your brand is and can be. We map everything out, we get total brand – and business – clarity, and then I take what I have learned from you… about your energy and vibe… your inspirations and your marketplace… and right then and there we bring out the visual language that communicates all of it and we make it real.

In one session.


We start with a call. We are going to be working closely together so we need to make sure that we click, and I need to prepare you for what is to come.

There is then a little prep work. You tell me what your current products and offers are and how they fit together. You also show me what you love visually. This is where we take our inspiration from.

Then we have our day together.

We spend the first few hours workshopping through everything you are as a brand. If we can’t map it out ourselves in a way that is simple and easy to understand then we can’t expect our audience to feel secure in who we are and what they are going to be able to get from us. We seek out patterns and structures that allow all your offers to hang together in a perfectly balanced whole.

We map out your story, and the journey each of your clients may take through it.

Then, in the second part of the day we create the visual language to tell that story.

Have you ever watched a highly-skilled designer create polished and precise imagery that cuts right to your core, in minutes?

Well, you get to do that here.

Once we have the essence of your visual brand nailed it’s time for me – and sometimes some of the other experts in my team – to get stuck in creating all of your visual assets, images and templates.

These might include:

Your primary logo and visual brand toolkit, including colours, fonts and brand guide

Up to seven sub-brands (such as groups, products or services)

Branding for up to five social channels

Social post templates

Story templates

Brochure template

Thumbnail template (YouTube) if needed

Slide deck if needed

Podcast cover art and episode promo post template if needed

Printed product, such as a journal if needed

Additional hand over session to deliver final artwork and provide initial training to you/your team if needed

Cost: £2995+ VAT


Tanel Jäppinen

Tanel Jäppinen is Estonia’s leading parenting coach and that’s no exaggeration – roughly a third of the parents in Estonia are in his membership.

His rebrand included:

  • Primary brand identities for both himself and his main membership, Rahumeelne Vanemlus
  • Sub-brands for his:
    • Book clubs, in both Estonian and English
    • Parenting course, in both Estonian and English
    • Couples course
    • 5 podcasts
  • 6 colour palettes
  • Social media post, story templates for all of the above
  • Multiple brushes and graphical elements
  • Document templates
  • Slide deck

“We worked with G over two days and the result was amazing. They were very professional and easy to work with. I don’t “speak” visual branding myself and had ignored this part of our brand for a long time.

Not only did we walk away with all the branding deliverables but also a clearer picture of all of our online offers and their place in our “ecosystem”. We feel that it was really custom-made branding as they were really interested in our values and vision and how to bring this to life.”


Abigail Rebecca

Nova Cobban