Get Personal With G

Ready to define, refine, design and radically blow up your personal brand? 

Then let’s get down to it.

Get Personal is a hybrid brand coaching and design programme for coaches, trainers, speakers… indeed anyone who leads their business as a human being rather than a faceless organisation. 

Because stepping out as a personal brand – a human being with a powerful message and a range of offers and products to follow it up – your branding needs are different.

Yes, we need to make sure your visuals are hot as balls and you’re looking deliciously consistent across all your channels, but we also need to have your messaging on point and consider how we build an infrastructure of offers, tech and assets so no matter how people encounter you, the world they enter feels congruent, aligned with them and so easy to navigate they don’t have to think about it. 

  • You don’t just need sexy logos, visuals and graphics
  • You don’t just need clear brand messaging, inspirational stories and compelling invitations
  • You don’t just need a menu of offers that suit a range of budgets and access preferences
  • You need all of these things, together, and they need to flow seamlessly

And when you’re in the middle of it… when the personal brand we’re talking about is you… it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. 

I only know one good way to get out of cycles of overthinking and decision paralysis when it comes to working through your own personal brand and that is to invite others into the conversation. I’d love to be invited into yours. And it just so happens I have a skillset (and some very talented associates with complimentary ones) to deliver solutions to all of the above in an entirely collaborative, human way.

Because we do it together.


Deciding to work on my personal brand with G was the best decision! I look forward to each session because they make work fun.

Their skills to help you visualize and create your brand are amazing. Why? Because what makes G truly unique is their ability to listen to you and connect the dots in a way that makes you sit there and think: Woah, that’s great! Why didn’t I think of that? How is it possible that they get me in such a short time? HOW do they do that?

They do it because they listen, really listen, and therefore can see what you have in mind, what you would like, and what your challenges are. They meet you where you‘re at and take it from there. And then, just like that, they pull it all together, throw in a bit of their genius and the magic happens!

Jo Elle

Author & Coach

Get Personal gets you this:

  • 2 hour brand coaching session
  • Get Personal Workbook 
  • Collaborative design session to define and create your:
    • Logo/logos 
    • Colours/fonts
    • Brand guide
    • Brand graphics and style
    • Professional profile
    • Social branding
    • Slide deck 
    • Brochure template
  • Templates and support to build out your:
    • Lead magnet
    • Landing page
    • Initial email sequences
  • 1×2 hour or 2×1 hour follow on brand coaching sessions
  • Mentorship with G via Whatsapp throughout the process (up to 6 weeks) 

Essentially, you get everything you need to be making all the right splashes, in the right places, in the right ways, confident in the fact that you have the clarity and systems in place to make it all run like the ultimate well-oiled machine.

This is a 1:1 programme which means we can flex it to work to your timeline and needs. A typical timeline from start to finish would be 4-6 weeks but for those who really want to light a fire we can turn this into a one-day intensive for the in-person work and have everything live within 7 days. 

You can even come and do it in the G pod with me if you’re up to a trip to Shropshire.

And you’ll still get 6 weeks of G in your phone as you continue to roll out and implement, not matter what speed we whizz through it all. 

There is some back-end tech work to be done here. You may have that covered, but if you don’t we are trialling a couple of options via my magical tech associates. They can either teach you how to do it yourself or take on the whole kit and caboodle for you. And if you’re not sure what exactly you need then I’ll help you work out which is the best option for you.

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