Do you find yourself worrying about how to make the work you do both specific to your target audience and accessible/inclusive, whilst also making sure everyone feels safe?

Sometimes, wanting to create spaces that are inclusive to diverse genders whilst also catering to the needs of people who might have their own safety concerns or boundaries can be challenging.

Navigating these waters can feel almost impossible if you’re new to them.

It can feel scary.

It can feel challenging.

It can feel like the only safe option is to close the door so that you don’t inadvertently find yourself with your foot in your mouth…

But exclusion never fixes anything. We are always stronger together.

So let me help you to do it well.

Because I know that creating inclusive spaces that also feel safe, full of love, joy, and wonder, is easy… once you feel confident in what gender and identity mean – to you and others – and how you want to honour them both in your work.

Once you have clarity on these things, it becomes so much easier to do the work you do whilst holding boundaries of love and compassion that embrace everyone whilst also respecting their differences.

Navigating Gender Workshops

The Navigating Gender workshop* is a two-hour group (max 20 participants) session that will give you the language and knowledge to feel confident in your allyship and inclusivity. 

The workshop begins with an introduction to gender, identity, expression, and biology, to give everyone a common framework and language. Then you will have time and space to ask questions, explore the edges of your own identity and how it intersects with others, hear stories from different perspectives and be both challenged and celebrated.

The format is informal and relaxed. You are welcome to make notes but in order for people to feel safe to potentially disclose personal information the sessions will not beare not recorded. 

There are not currently any workshops booked by there may be one later in the year. Please sign up below to be kept informed.

The Workshop cost £49 per person (inc VAT).

All times are BST.

*Please note that these workshops are trans-positive spaces. If you identify strongly with trans-exclusionary or gender-critical viewpoints these sessions are not going to be comfortable for you. Curiosity and explorative dialogue are welcomed but any repeated anti-trans rhetoric will result in exclusion from the rest of the session without a refund. 

There are not currently any workshops booked but there may be one later in the year. To be kept informed as and when new dates are added, you can sign up to the mailing list here.

Navigating Gender 1:1 Sessions

Not everyone feels comfortable discussing issues like this in a group format. If you would prefer a private conversation with G you can book an hour of inclusion consultancy here. You will receive a recording and a transcript of the session for your records.

1:1 Sessions cost £300 (inc VAT) and last one hour. 

All sessions are led by G Sabini-Roberts unless otherwise advertised.